“I have a job. It’s a good job by common estimation. I have stable schedule, stable payment, stable free evenings, stable friends whom I see from time to time. What we usually do together? Talk on common topics, just hang out. I have perfect stable life. It’s so stable that I should be permanently satisfied because of that stability. Although…Because of unknown, illogical reasons I am so bored and definitely not satisfied. Why? What should I change?” That’s could be heard from lots of people nowadays.

What is the answer? Usually it’s only one word – STABILITY. This is a perfect state that is imposed on us by society. And because of old behavioral models it’s associated with happiness. But what is happening practically? Unfortunately, stability is far away from happiness. Proofs of it are numerous cases when extremely successful businessmen, entrepreneurs quit their top class highly payable dream jobs just for finding something new that brings them interest to life again. The reason is that life is becoming so perfectly stable.

It used to be prestigious to work at one place for 30-40 years. It’s the stereotype of professional employee who is so perfect at the job that could not be substituted. But there is a small issue. People have the right hemisphere that is responsible for creativity. And stability is the opposite to creativity.

How to be satisfied with your life?

  1. Do risk! If you have an intention to do something e.g. to go to a dance class, start riding a motorcycle, acquire an aquarium etc – do not postpone it for better time. Current moment is the best time to realize all your intentions!
  2. Yes, keep calm! Never let your worries occupy your mind. Along with that dare to do something new! Eliminate stability from your life if you feel that it is too stable.
  3. What is your occupation? Accountant? Lawyer? Programmer? Have you ever wondered how the cell phone works? What exactly is the Internet? Why does the sea illuminate at night? Constantly learn something new. You will be surprised how many unknown breathtaking things exist! Look inside yourself and find something that is really interesting for you. At least one small question on which you wish to get the answer in any period of your life. When answers appear you will realize how great it is to expand the horizons and know something more. And since you do it for yourself, you will never feel any external pressure for learning.
  4. Find your internal motivation. That activity that you will do with pleasure without any payment or other reward. That is your real interest. Now, when it’s determined there is remained only the small thing – DEVELOP IT. And you will notice how your perfect stable life becomes much more interesting!
  5. Changes of activities ≠ stability. Never be afraid to fail. Much worse is losing the opportunity. Learn to say “yes” to everything that life brings you and you will see how intriguing, unpredictable and exciting it could be!

 Good luck with pursuing the comprehensive bright and present life!

Author: Oresta Vasyliv


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